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Za Lužinami 1070/25


Stodůlky and Za Lužinami street



Ulica Za Lužinami belongs to the part of Staré Stodůlek, where at the end of the19th and the beginning of the 20th century there was the development of villas and the creation of new parts of the village of Stodůlky – Lužiny, Háje, Kopanina, Nová Kolonie and Vidoule. Even so, Stodůlky maintained the character of an agricultural village until the sixties of the 20th century. The annexation of Stodůlek to Prague only happened in 1974, when the population of Stodůlek was only 3,050. Today, there are almost 60,000 of them.

      Back in the 1950s, Stodůlky was one of the most historically valuable villages in the vicinity of Prague. In 1995, Staré Stodůlky became one of two village conservation areas in the whole of Prague. Certainly deservedly so, because Stodůlky has a long history. The first written report about them from 1159 states that they belonged, like the nearby Motol, to the order of the Johannites.

      From Za Lužinami Street, you can walk to the spring of Prokopského Potok, the Church of St. Jakub Většího or on an old semi-trailer in the western part of Stodůlek. The route is perfect for dog walkers. Or you can go all the way to the Prokop Valley, but that will be a nice walk.

      Sports enthusiasts will surely find one of the largest multi-functional sports centers in Prague in Jeremiášdale Street, as well as other nearby sports centers Surroundings.

And then, of course, we have schools, kindergartens, shopping, entertainment, the metro, public transport... everything is within easy reach. 

Perfectly thought out - perfectly executed

The charm of terraced buildings is often in the size of the floor area, its thoughtfulness and at the same time its complete inconspicuousness from the outside. This is probably true a hundredfold for this central "row". I would certainly not be afraid to use it as a model for future construction concepts.  What the house offers on a floor plan of less than 98 m2 is truly fascinating.

The owner is a real master in the field and was able to transform the layout of the house in 2007-2008 into a brilliant space for his large family.

By relocating the staircase to the center of the house and extending the living room by a glass section, the owner achieved a wonderfully airy and generous central room, which is separated from the busy part of the house. And it is no different in  the second and third NP. Yes, three floors are used here. On the 3rd floor there is a very spacious bedroom with its own bathroom. The house has a layout of 6+kk with a living area of approx. 180 m2 + an internal garage of 10.5 m2. This one definitely has the ambition to be a study or another bedroom one day. I will dispel any concerns about the lack of storage space after the garage transformation in the following paragraphs.


Půdorys - RD Za Lužinami Stodůlky 1NP.jpeg

Perfectly thought out - perfectly executed

I am not intentionally changing the title of this block, and the subsequent description will explain this. The house is entered through a large hall with built-in wardrobes along the perimeter of three walls with a height up to the ceiling. The door from the hall to the central corridor is sliding, so it doesn't get in the way anywhere. Sliding doors are often repeated in the interior. The hallway is dominated by a massive hardwood staircase that runs vertically through the entire house. From here, the corridor leads to the garage, technical room and bathroom with shower and toilet, and of course to the living room with kitchen. The passage is again separated by sliding glass doors with a width of 1200 mm. The garden, optically and physically connected to the ground floor of the house, is 60 m2, but even this relatively small area can give the interior a feeling of connection with nature. The ceiling glazing, which allows a view into the crowns of mature trees, also has a great deal to do with it. The entire glass part is equipped with an outdoor electric awning for protection from the strong sun, which would overheat the interior. You will definitely enjoy your morning coffee in the shade of the trees or a barbecue even in this small garden. It is connected to the house in no other way than by two slides.

Details create the beauty of the whole

This property is loaded with thoughtful details from top to bottom. They are things that will simply make your life more comfortable and easier. For example, here you will find a Husky central vacuum cleaner, "pipe mail" for dirty laundry and wet towels from both upper bathrooms leading down to the utility room with space for a washing machine and dryer, ventilation in the utility room in case of installation of an evaporative dryer, light motion sensors, light dimmers , recessed ceiling LED lights, shading awning with rain and wind sensor, manual window blinds on all windows, security device and alarm connected to PCO, kitchen waste shredder. In the living room there is cable preparation for the sound system, in the central bathroom there are light pipes for daylight above the mirror. The switches for the ceiling lighting in the bedrooms are also located near the beds... But the details are not just technical gadgets. Here, there are definitely aesthetic and ergonomic elements, such as a beautiful wooden floor running through the entire house in one style, or a large kitchen unit with a hob in the island. This way, you don't turn your back on domestic activities while cooking. Maximum comfort and user-friendliness were really thought of. And I certainly didn't list everything.


2nd floor - Four rooms

Four Rooms - this great short film tells four stories. And that fits perfectly here. The second floor was adapted for the owner's four descendants, who are now writing their own stories. 

Two bedrooms face the street and the garden. These are also connected by connecting sliding doors, because the children wanted it that way. The other two non-connected rooms are located with windows to the courtyard. All four rooms are connected by airiness, beautiful lightness and reasonable size. You will certainly not feel cramped in them as in many new buildings today with undersized windows and room sizes. Between the rooms is a bathroom with the mentioned light pipes, a corner bathtub and a separate toilet. The whole floor is again united by a solid wooden floor, which gives the bedrooms an elegant look, looks minimalistic, clean, but cozy at the same time. On the 3rd floor is the last of the bedrooms, which has its own bathroom with shower and toilet.

Jan Neruda - Where with him?


Storage spaces are simply needed. Currently, this role, along with the utility room and built-in wardrobes in the hallway, is largely occupied by the internal garage, which has ceased to be a garage and has become more of a warehouse. The garage as such, more than twice as large (28 m2) as the one in the house, is located in a closed residential area a few steps from these three terraced houses. The attic of the garage with a clearance height of less than two meters provides another extensive storage space for use. You can park one car in the garage, the other in front of the garage or even on the street in front of the house, where there are no restrictions in the form of parking zones. The complex has an entrance gate electrically controlled by a remote control or numerical code, as well as an entrance gate. It is thus reserved purely for the owner. The plots are owned by the owners of the individual houses and they have mutual easements established on them for walking and driving.


According to current PENB standards, the property is classified as category D - less economical. Additional insulation, if the new owners insist on it, should be carried out with regard to maintaining sufficient diffusivity of the perimeter shell.

How to live in a wooden building I.

This block of terraced houses is designed with prefabricated sandwich panels with a beam internal structure and an insulating composition. This solution provided a saving of more than 20% of the floor area while maintaining the same or even better thermal insulation parameters, and thus enabled great variability and possibilities for adjustments and changes to the internal layout. The gable roof is equipped with burnt tile, the windows are wooden with double glazing. Heating and hot water heating is a gas boiler. Heating is underfloor heating in the 1st floor, radiators in the 2nd and 3rd floors. The wooden building has a very pleasant indoor climate with good and quick temperature regulation. 

Snímek obrazovky 2022-06-30 011120.jpg

How to live in a wooden building II.

Wooden buildings generally do not have thermal inertia. The main accumulator here is the floor in the 1st floor, which is equipped with underfloor hot water heating. Low thermal inertia has the advantage that the temperature is regulated quickly, as there is no heating of the masonry. It is therefore easy to heat the house even with passive gains from sunlight on cooler sunny days. On the contrary, in the summer, it is necessary to use window shades to prevent unwanted overheating. But even if there are tropical days and the house would remain unshaded, in the early evening and evening, when the temperatures drop, it is easy to ventilate the whole house, thereby reducing the internal temperature. Over the years, the owners have already had a very well-mastered ventilation system, when all you have to do is open the skylights in the attic bedroom and the sliding door to the garden in the living room, and the warm air is quickly vented out of the house. And since the heat is not  accumulated in the walls, the house already maintains the outside temperature. So far, not one of these three houses is air-conditioned. In winter, it is enough to temper the house in your absence and raise the temperature with the program before arrival. It will heat up quickly. Not the last advantage for the energy operation is that it is a central house, so its main areas are isolated by peripheral houses.


Below the video clip and virtual tour, I have prepared a photo gallery with more than one hundred and fifty photos of this beautiful property.
Thank you and I hope to see you in person on a tour soon.
Jan Česal

Video invitation to tour and virtual tour of the house 


Photo gallery

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