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Kutná Hora - Inner City

12,200,000 CZK

CZK 9,800,000

Hradební 620


House 7+2 in the center of Kutná Hora

The house in Hradební street is located in the historical core of the city, yet it remains spared from tourist and city bustle. The street is mainly used only by residents or pedestrians who pass through it in the direction from or to Česká ulica and the adjacent part.


Both the building and the land are located in a conservation area, but the house itself is not a cultural monument. The front of the house has a corresponding uninsulated stucco facade with wooden double-glazed windows. In the back part of the house, the windows are plastic with triple glazing, and possible insulation of the shell is allowed. The facade here is awaiting renovation. The roof of the house is gable with a concrete roof tile. The house has a garage accessible directly from the street and the garden, and behind the house there is a small garden with a brick shed, which is separated from the neighboring plots by a high brick fence. 

The current form of the house dates from the beginning of the 20th century, but fragments of vaulted floors in the cellars indicate that the house stood here many tens or hundreds of years earlier. We know from the preserved documentation that the house underwent modernization during the 1970s. However, it underwent the most fundamental contemporary change and reconstruction in 2007-12. As you will be able to see in the photo galleries at the end of this page, it was a really extensive reconstruction. From the facade, windows, modification of the interior layout, electrical installation, water and waste, floors, ceilings, heating... simply everything necessary to create a spacious and useful modern one-generation family home for a large family. The house therefore does not lack the almost necessary complete fixed internet connection (by the way, there are 22 such sockets in the whole house) with the possibility of central storage, antenna wiring, a sufficient number of 230 V sockets, spot lighting...

However, this does not mean that the reconstruction of the house would lose the possibility of using it according to the original plan. The original concept of the house consisted of apartment units on individual floors. The owners thus took over from the original concept of floor heating, where individual floors are heated by separate gas boilers with their own take-off points. The eventual establishment of separate electricity collection points would also not be particularly difficult, since each floor has its own electrical and safety circuit. The entrance to the house from the back tract through the porch has also been preserved. Behind the verandas is access to the central staircase, which connects all floors and thus allows you to walk through the house outside the living spaces. Great and practical. So if you were thinking about the option of renting one of the apartments, or building another apartment unit in the attic, you can do it here without major layout changes. I quite like the idea of connecting the apartment on the 2nd floor with the attic (more details about each floor can be found below) and creating such a large "apartment" of approx. 180 m2 with the possibility of commercially renting out the apartment unit on the 1st floor. This would leave the possibility to use the garden and cellar spaces purely for your own needs, to live in the attic with a beautiful view and still have a reserve in one apartment unit.

Photo 28.09.2021 12 57 33.jpg

Apartment unit on the 1st floor

The apartment on the ground floor is laid out as 3+kk. But it's not kk like kk. In this case, we are talking about a kitchen corner with a large and spacious kitchen unit and pantry. The kitchen area is beautifully lit from one side by the window from the dining room and from the other side by the luxfer wall that separates the bathroom from the kitchen. A dining room with a large table, a work corner and sliding doors that allow a generous connection between the dining room and the living area make the kitchen and dining room one large useful space. However, if the situation requires it, it is very easy to close the kitchen area and the living room thanks to the slides, and thus get complete privacy. It's a smart and very practical solution and thus eliminates the dilemma of whether or not the kitchen should be the center of everything.

From the living room, which has windows facing a completely quiet street, you then enter the bedroom. The bedroom with a balcony and windows to the garden and the courtyard of neighboring houses is completely intimate and quiet. Plastic windows with triple glazing, which are in all living rooms at the back of the house, also contribute to this to a large extent. 

On today's hot days, after you enter the house, what will certainly pleasantly surprise you is its internal climate and temperature. Even in the current summer heat, the temperature in the house is at a level where you can easily do without air conditioning. Of course, for this it is necessary to observe the shading of the windows during exposed hours. The windows are equipped with blinds or blinds and also curtains, and thus shaded. It is recommended to ventilate the house in the early evening and at night. The pleasant internal temperature of the interior on steamy days without air conditioning suggests that the house will also insulate well in the heating season. Since the house is located in a conservation area, a PENB is not required for it. For a better idea of the cost of heating, below are the actual natural gas consumption for each floor. Each floor has its own gas condensing boiler and its own collection point.

1NP - consumption of natural gas for the period 16.3. 2021 - 15.3. 2022 - 30.328MWh - EON

2NP - consumption of natural gas for the period 16.3. 2021 - 15.3. 2022 - 20.035MWh - EON

Půdorys - RD Hradební KH 1NP.jpeg

Apartment unit on the 2nd floor

As I already mentioned in the introduction, the house in its very first concept was a house with several apartment units. However, for the life of their large family, the current owners preferred a house with a walk-through apartment on the 1st floor connected to an apartment on the 2nd floor. And so the central corridor on the ground floor was primarily used to enter the upper apartment. However, when it was necessary or wanted, it was and still is possible to fully use the entrance from the garden veranda, which is reached by a walkway with a gate opening next to the garage. The entrance is wide enough even for a stroller. The journey to the upper floors is thus possibly spared attention. The same would apply to the attic apartment. The existing "apartment" here has a 4+1 layout and an area of approx. 80 m2. If an apartment were to be created here that is completely separate and accessible only through one entrance, then the layout would be 3+1. Otherwise, the same applies here as on the ground floor - wooden windows facing the street, triple-glazed plastic windows facing the garden, pleasant bright rooms with above-standard high ceilings (290 cm)... And what is no less important, the owners have really worked with footsteps. Backfill from Liapor, OSB boards and a screed do their job perfectly. This is often a stumbling block in houses with wooden floor construction. So whether the "apartment" will serve as a separate housing unit or as a children's room, you will be spared the noise.

Půdorys - RD Hradební KH 2NP II.jpg


Potential I. attic

Soil is a chapter unto itself. A full-scale classic wide staircase leads to the attic, with stone steps with an absolutely magical cast-iron railing. It passes continuously from the cellars to the attic and is a real decoration of the whole house. You enter the attic through a normal door, so you certainly don't have the feeling that the attic is just some emergency or necessary space for a house with a gable roof. It was a huge shame not to implement the building here. Everything is absolutely perfect for it. The floor slabs are over a meter high, so even the space at the slopes will be beautifully usable. The height to the ridge is more than four and a half meters and the tongs are more than 220 cm from the floor. So, whether you would like to keep them visible, or you would like to use the porch as an additional space, it can all be done without interfering with the roof. The roof, by the way, is in very good condition and has a long life ahead of it. Surfacing is not only in the part facing the garden, which is exactly the ideal space for creating a sunken terrace. You can see it nicely in the aerial photo below - the protrusion in the upper left corner of the roof. Then it would be possible to enjoy a wonderful view of the landscape, the roofs of the surrounding houses and the dominant Jesuit college (see photo below). Two chimneys run through the entire house, each with three vents. It is directly recommended to use them in the attic for a fireplace stove. It offers an almost square floor plan, a floor area of 90 m2, a high roof and a full staircase... What more could you ask for?


Potential II. cellar/basement

A big house and a big cellar under it. It's more appropriate to say basement and cellar. The two rooms facing the garden have relatively large windows due to the height difference of the terrain and do not have a dark and claustrophobic impression. You could almost say that you could live in them - the height from the floor to the vault is approx. 230 cm and they have a total area of approx. 25 m2. However, the owners never thought about this, so one of the rooms was turned into a home fitness room, and the other, where there is also a sink with waste, remained a pantry. The other two rooms facing the street are already classic cellars. However, there are also ventilated windows that served, and may continue to serve, for dropping coal. I write quite deliberately that they can continue to serve this purpose, because a fully functional solid fuel boiler remained in the cellar. In the second cellar, you will also find several cubes of coal. So, should the worst-case scenarios occur with gas, the entire heating circuit can be switched to the original boiler. 

Půdorys - RD Hradební KH 1PP.jpeg

Garden, garage, shed...

The undeveloped plot of land next to the house is not very large. It is about 75 m2. However, it still offers enough space that can be turned into a pleasant space for relaxing, barbecuing or growing ornamental plants. The owners had several variants developed to change this space in their image. I have to admit that I would easily choose one of them. To give you an idea, below is the option I chose that appealed to me the most. I find it very nice to look from the bedroom or the balcony at the crowns of the trees, which will change over the course of the year. A pergola created from an existing garage is also offered, as a garage accessible from the garden is perfect for storing seasonal items, garden or sports equipment. Kolna is so expendable. The garage is wide enough for one car. However, its length is over 7 m, so there is plenty of storage space in its rear. And, of course, another essential place is in the already mentioned cellars.  


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Photogallery - reconstruction

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