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About me

About me

In my private life, I'm quite an ordinary guy. Above all, like most of us, I build my family. I have two amazing children, a great woman, a cute female terrier and a cat who can really relax. But like any guy, I sometimes need to take a break from everything. So, since childhood, I keep coming back to my beloved hobby, which is motorcycles. I also really enjoy other sports, but motorcycles remain the biggest fixture. With them, I can always really "clear my head". 


"I really appreciate people who are experts in their field, place great emphasis on the quality of work, are precise and at the same time are empathetic and human.

My colleague Jan Česal is exactly one of those people.

I appreciate his professional approach and expertise. This is mainly evidenced by the thank-you e-mails of the clients, whom he helped with both the sale and purchase of the property.

For every sale, he looks for ways to best and most effectively sell real estate. Addressing it with a sale or even just a consultation will really be the best choice. "

Petr Šmíd


about company

ŠMÍD & PARTNERS, of which I am a part, is the successor company of the former branch of Realitní společnost České spořitelny and brings together professionals from the real estate field. The company operates mainly in the regions of Kolín, Kutná Hora, Nymburk, Pardubice, Prague - East and Prague. After agreement, it is possible to take care of real estate in other regions.

The company's goal is to provide a comprehensive, high-quality real estate service, including legal and financial services.



Thanks to the company, I have the background and support I need - I have lawyers, a surveyor, a photographer and a graphic artist at my disposal. Thanks to that I can focus only on my work, ie. engage in business.

I am also equipped with IT systems that I really need for my work.

At the same time, we share experiences and information within the team, which are absolutely necessary.


I would like to welcome you to our office and I hope that you will feel good in our newly renovated premises of the former book printing and thatwe will discuss everything with good coffee without stress.

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