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How I work

The sale of real estate is a very serious matter , for some real estate is his entire property, life security or family heritage to which he has a close relationship.


That is why I approach sales with all the seriousness and professionalism that business transactions deserve.

I give all the advice only after a careful study of the case, I do not promise the impossible and I strictly defend the interests of my client at all times.


Cooperation procedure

1. Introductory meeting


Our cooperation begins with an introductory meeting, during which we get to know each other and during which I find out your needs , ie. why do you sell, how fast do you need to get money from the sale, what is more important for you, whether the speed of the sale or the price obtained, whether you need to deal with financing the subsequent purchase of another property, or family settlement, etc.

The introductory meeting is ideal for the property being sold, so that I can get acquainted with the condition of the property and then be able to prepare an analysis of the sale price, the amount of our remuneration and the conditions of sale. But we can also meet in the office first, talk about everything and visit the property only later. The introductory meeting is non-binding , you do not sign anything at it and it is purely a mutual agreement whether we will cooperate.

2. Analysis of the selling price and conditions of sale

After obtaining all information about the property, location, condition, etc., I will prepare a proposal for the sale price and conditions of sale, including the amount of commission fee. I will receive the commission only after the sale of the property, if I do not manage to sell the property according to the agreed conditions, I will not receive a reward and you do not risk anything.

3. Signing the brokerage contract

In the event that we agree on the terms of the sale, a mediation contract is signed, in which we define the terms together in writing. The contract is also a protection that I will comply with the conditions we have agreed. From now on, I start working for you.

4. Preparation of sales strategy

This is followed by the preparation of a sales strategy - it is necessary to approach each order individually, find the most important points on which to build the strategy and the way of their presentation in order to achieve the maximum possible sales price.

5. Preparation of real estate for sale

I will then properly prepare the property for sale - the first impression on the market can be made only once, so it is necessary to take care. With my team, I will arrange professional photos, a virtual tour and floor plans. Sometimes it is necessary to have the property cleaned, painted or refined. I will arrange everything for you. As an example, I mention an apartment in Prague on Palmovka:

Kotva 1
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6. Real estate presentation - advertising and marketing


The prepared property must then be properly marketed - serious buyers who are waiting in the market for their property, about which they have a clear idea, not only need to notice the property, but must be interested. This is a task for tailor-made marketing and aimed at the right target group.

7. Tours

Tours are an important phase. It is ideal to conduct tours without your participation, so I get space to better communicate with the applicant, who loses shyness and acts more openly than in front of the property owner.

8. Negotiation

The moment I find serious candidates, the negotiation phase begins. Often, interested parties negotiate the price or various conditions of sale. It is an important phase in which it is necessary to use experience, not succumb to pressure and use the right arguments, but at the same time not lose the interest of buyers.

9. Signing the reservation contract

As soon as an agreement is reached, we will prepare a reservation contract, on the basis of which the buyer will make a reservation deposit for attorney custody. All documents, ie. The reservation contract, the law on custody contract and the subsequent purchase contract with us are always prepared by lawyers who prepare contracts tailored to each property. Let us leave the legal requirements to those who really understand them.

10. Securing financing for buyers

In the event that the buyer wants to finance the purchase with a mortgage, our mortgage broker will help secure a mortgage loan, which will keep the financing process under control.

11. Signing the purchase contract

The lawyer will prepare a purchase contract, which both parties will comment on in advance. Once the text of the contract has been agreed, it will be signed. In the case of mortgage financing, a mortgage agreement is also signed for the bank. At the moment when it is deposited with 100% of the purchase price, we arrange for the transcription of the real estate in the real estate cadastre.

12. Payment of the purchase price and handover of the real estate

After the property has been rewritten, the purchase price is paid out of custody. Then all that remains is to hand over the property, for which I will prepare a handover protocol and for which I will assist. I will also arrange a transcript of energy for you.  

I will keep you informed throughout the process so that you have an overview and know what will follow. 

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