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Country estate


Potěhy  33



Potěhy - countryside near the city



Villages in the Central Bohemia region are usually located near a town, and Potěh is no different. It is less than six kilometers from Potěh to Čáslavi, the hometown of director Miloš Forman. From Čáslav, it is a short distance to Kutná Hora, or in the opposite direction, about 30 km to Havlíčkov Brod.


Potěhy is a typical Central Bohemian village. And that is not meant in any bad way, quite the opposite. It is a village with less than seven hundred inhabitants, very closely connected with the neighboring village of Tupadly and/or the village of Horky. In Potěhy there is, among other things, a nine-year elementary school and a kindergarten, a local restaurant, a shop, and in neighboring Tupadly there is a beautiful private brewery with a restaurant and wellness area.

Country yard

The building dates from the first half of the 20th century and is located near the center of the village. After a major reconstruction that took place five years ago, the house is in permanent use. The reconstruction primarily affected the interior of the house, however, the windows were also replaced with contemporary, wooden ones with insulating double-glazed windows. The renovated premises provide housing on an area of approx. 100 m2 and available 3+1. Overall, however, the house allows you to expand the living area to an area of more than 200 m2, including both the residential attic and the spaces of the outbuilding adjoining the house. Water heating, as well as heating, is a gas boiler. Internet TV connection is not missing here. There are two sources of water here. If necessary, the primarily used municipal water supply can be replaced with water from a well for the entire operation of the house. Now, however, it primarily serves as utility water for the garden and farm. 

In the yard is the original barn with an area of approx. 80 m2, which is partially basement. The cellar has vaulted ceilings. To the side of the barn is an extension of a brick chicken coop. There is also a separate brick shed in the backyard.

The yard with the lower garden is less than 800 m2including buildings.


Půdorys - RD Potěhy 1NP.jpg

For a large family and for two

After entering the central corridor, there is a living room on the left hand side and a bedroom behind it. On the right hand side is the open space of the large kitchen with a separate dining room. Behind the kitchen is a room and utility room, which is suitable for placing a washing machine and dryer. It could also be used as a pantry, and the washing machine and dryer can be placed in another utility room behind the dining room. From the dining room, we then get to the next part of the house, where the already mentioned technical room is located on the left (by the way, there is also a well here). On the right is the entrance to the next part of the house - the vejminku. At the same time, there is a concrete monolithic staircase to the attic and to the back entrance of the house, which leads to the garden behind the house. To expand the residential part, it will be the least economically and technically demanding to start with the "vejminek", because part of it already serves as a tropical aquarium. Water, electricity and waste are installed here as part of new distribution systems.

Dining room and kitchen

The kitchen in country cottages, houses and farms has always played a major role in the house. Her role has not changed here either. The kitchen is, as it should be, very spacious and, thanks to the extension, it is connected to an equally large dining room. One of the three chimneys in the house is used to ventilate the stove. Heating in the kitchen, as well as in the corridors, is underfloor heating. The dining room is heated by radiators.


Living room

The living room seamlessly connects to the open space of the kitchen and hallway, and thus provides a very good overview of what is going on in the most frequented part of the house. The floors are wooden and unified in height and appearance with the bedroom behind the living room. The dominant feature here is the fireplace stove, which is not part of the sale. They not only have a decorative function here, they are also a very practical and economical source of additional heating. The finished preparation of the pipeline for the installation of a stove with a heat exchanger will provide the new owner with additional options. It will be possible to heat not only air, but also hot water for radiators and underfloor heating. 


The bedroom is located behind the living room and its windows face the street. The floors here, as in the living room, are wooden, placed on a wooden grate. They give the space a very authentic look and are not cold to the touch.  



The soil is another wonderful space for transformation. The height of the ridge of almost 4 m, the 110 cm high rafters and the wide, stable monolithic staircase are ideal for a potential attic building. The space is completely open and in its center there are two chimney bodies. The lined chimney for the gas boiler is located atstaircase. The ground floor is insulated with mineral wool and polystyrene with a walking floor made of OSB boards. The ceiling construction is wooden, the roof is in very good condition. The concrete roof tiles are about 15 years old. 


The vejminku building is located between the house and the barn and forms a connected unit with them.

It is connected to the house by an internal entrance to the connecting corridor, which is located in the back section of the house. From this corridor there is access to the dining room and to the attic, or through the back door of the house to the large garden. Vejminek is also accessible through a separate entrance. There are many possibilities for its use. Whether it becomes a separate bedroom with a bathroom, a guest room, a private study or perhaps a summer kitchen, it will always be a welcome extra space.



The garden behind the house is a separate chapter. Its area of 3,610 m2 is really generous. The land is slightly sloping towards the house and is planted with many fruit trees and bushes. If you desire breeding, cultivation, a life with a large dose of self-sufficiency, then you definitely do not have to leave civilization for this.Here, in  You can handle itreally a lot.

Virtual tour of the house 

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