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Large attic


CZK 9,500,000

Martinská 608/8


Martinská street

2021-10-14 15.29.24.jpg


In 2010, the city of Plzeň completed the reconstruction of Martinská street, which then turned into a pedestrian zone, in which only supplies from Americká in the direction of Kopecky sady are possible, during a limited time. Entry is also allowed to residents living here. The newly repaired, 110 m long road is separated from the imaginary sidewalk by recessed granite curbs, and its surface is paved with granite blocks. The work also included a complete reconstruction of engineering networks, including water supply, sewage and gas connections. The city installed new public lighting and equipment here - trash cans and bike racks. The street is pleasantly lively thanks to the number of shops, restaurants and bars. House no. 608/8 is located on the left side about 50m from Americká street. 

5+kk on more than 240m2

You will definitely not feel cramped in this apartment. Its area, a beautiful 245.84 m2 without a terrace of 26.26 m2, will literally pamper you. The total floor area thus offers a respectable 272.1 m2. The central open space is really huge. It is divided both spatially and in height. The living area with the fireplace is situated below the floor level of the central room, creating a sense of even greater space. Built-in wardrobes are installed in the vestibule, directly opposite the entrance door. From the vestibule you enter the hall area, where there is enough space for installing large wardrobes or other storage furniture.



Půdorys - byt Martinská Plzeň - spodní patro v2.jpeg

Living area

Rich lighting, an abundance of space, an extraordinary solution and a large open fireplace are the main denominators of this space. Thanks to the lowered floor in the sitting area, it was possible to nicely separate the corner part of the apartment, and thus create another space suitable for, for example, a library with a reading room or an open study.



Kitchen corner" takes on a completely different meaning in this apartment. It is a pleasantly large space with a cooking island, kitchen with a large work surface and lots of storage space, with its own full-size window and enough space for a proper double-door American refrigerator. Another impeccable part is a separate pantry and a private entrance to the terrace and the outdoor fireplace. So everything is easy to operate when grilling and cooking at the same time. The large bar separating the corner from the dining room will serve perfectly for storing the served food.


Dining room

The very spacious dining room will allow the placement of a large dining table, while still being sufficiently airy and easy to service. The dining room is illuminated both by the skylight and mainly by the glass doors of the terrace.



A covered terrace with an area of 26 m2 can reliably replace your dining room and living room in the summer. You can have breakfast, lunch, dinner here, as well as grill or smoke on a brick fireplace with smoke being vented into the house chimney. You can create a sitting area,  or maybe watch TV. 

The uncovered part of the terrace is equipped with a fabric awning, so its entire area can be used even when it rains. On summer days, it is thus possible to pleasantly shade it. And if any water should rain on the terrace, there is a drainage channel for its drainage and also easy maintenance during cleaning.


Bedroom with two wardrobes

The master bedroom is situated as the last back room and is separated from the childrens room by one of the wardrobes. There are two walk-in wardrobes and they add a very pleasant comfort to the room. Thanks to them, you don´t have to have an excess of furniture and storage places for clothes in the bedroom. The bedroom is thus always tidy and designated for its purpose. It encourages peaceful rest and sleep.

Another comfortable solution is to enter the bathroom through a separate door from the bedroom.

Thanks to all these elements, the bedroom is made into a very comfortable and intimate place for its inhabitants.

Master bathroom

The main bathroom has a large corner bathtub and shower, as well as a pair of oppositely located sinks. It is entered both from the corridor in front of the bedroom and from the already mentioned bedroom. From the bathroom there is an entrance to the utility room, where the gas boiler is located. This very economical, two-year-old Bosch boiler offers the possibility of controlling the heating of the apartment using a smartphone. There are also connections for a washing machine and dryer. And there will still be room for the necessary household cleaning products and tools. The toilet is separate and is located in the corridor right next to the door to the bathroom.


Children´s room I.

One of the children´s rooms is accessible from the hall of the apartment and is connected to the other children´s room by an internal door. But that doesn´t mean they have to be passable. The second children´s room has one more separate entrance... but more about it in the next block.

This children´s room is the largest of the rooms on its floor. It has an area of more than 17m2 and is, like the other rooms, and actually like the whole apartment, beautifully lit by skylights. The room has built-in wardrobes, a floating floor and the windows, like the other rooms, are equipped with shading blinds. The toilet and bathroom are only ten steps from the room.

Children's room II. with own toilet and shower

The second children´s room on this floor is, as already mentioned, connected to the larger of the children´s rooms by an internal door. The layout of the apartment also offers the possibility of having separate rooms and using them separately (perhaps for older children). This room can also be accessed from the area behind the living room through a separate sliding door. The big asset of this room is the separate bathroom with shower and toilet, which is located here. Although the room is only less than 13m2 in size, it is precisely its separate bathroom that makes it attractive. It will serve great, for example, as a study, guest room, or for a teenage child.

Půdorys - byt Martinská Plzeň - horní patro.jpeg

Duplex room and gallery


The last of the bedrooms is a duplex room with a gallery. The room is about 27 m2 and is very well lit by four windows. Traditionally, two skylights with shading and, in addition, a pair of dormer windows with electrically controlled front window blinds. A spiral wooden staircase leads to the gallery, which overlooks the living and dining area of the apartment. From here you enter the room. It is a very pleasant room, which, thanks to its location, creates a feeling of complete privacy.

Virtual walk around the apartment

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