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CZK 12,700,000

Pod Pašinkou 335


Kutna Hora


It is probably not necessary to present Kutná Hora too much in terms of its history, sights and its unique beauty.


You who are local can safely skip the following lines. But if you are considering a life change in the form of moving to Kutná Hora, then the following information may come in handy.  


Kutná Hora cannot be described as a wild, vibrant and dynamic city. It wouldn't even suit her.  It is a city where life flows calmly, but it does not mean boring a priori - that is, if you do not want to be bored. What will definitely make you happy if you move from a big city is its compactness. Everything is literally at hand, by public transport or by bike. And it can be done on foot. Don't expect any morning rush hours, crowded supermarkets (there are more than enough of them by the way) or crowds in the streets. Nevertheless, they are here for you and  Your children have four large primary schools, two grammar schools and three secondary schools, an indoor swimming pool with an outdoor swimming pool, a winter stadium, several sports halls and, for example, a bobsled track. Kutná Hora is connected to the ultura through the city's Tyl Theater, the perfect Modrý Kříž cinema, where you won't have to wait for film premieres for weeks, and the absolutely amazing gallery of the Central Bohemian region GASK. During the year, many cultural events are held here, such as the famous Kutná Hora silvering or the Sedlec Fair, which is one of the largest in the Czech Republic.  

So if you already have your teeth full of rush hour traffic, clinking trams and parking zones, you want to slow down a bit, but it's not for village life yet, so here you are at the right place.


Kaňk - it's not just a hill


A bit of history - the settlement of Kaňk was established in the second half of the 13th century at the same time as the nearby Kutná Hora in connection with the discovery of large deposits of silver and copper. Kaňk was originally a mining settlement forming a suburb of Kutná Hora. Today, Kaňk is an integral part of the city, both in terms of infrastructure and everyday life. Living here will be appreciated especially by those who like peace, contact with nature and do not want to give up the comfort of the city. The mixed forest on Kaňkovský vrch is only a few minutes' walk from the house. It is a popular place for lovers of cycling, running or just dog walkers, families and hikers. At the top there is a nice restaurant and a lookout tower, which is worth a visit.


Family house -  Pod Pašinkou 335

This generous two-storey house was approved in December 2009. It is therefore a "young" house and it can also be seen in it from the point of view of the used construction technology, materials, but also from the state of its wear. High-quality Velox walling with a total EPS insulation thickness of 200 mm, Bramac concrete roofing, Vekra and Velux windows, Hörmann garage doors, Immergas gas condensing boiler, gutters, downspouts and outdoor window sills in copper, Hanák kitchen ... all this suggests that the house was built with the requirement for quality, economy of operation and long life.  

  Connection of the building to municipal water, sewerage, gas and el. connection is a matter of course. The condensing boiler prepares hot water for both underfloor heating and domestic hot water. For a pleasant atmosphere and also savings in the winter months, there is a fireplace in the living room with a Schiedel chimney.  

VELOX - cast from concrete

The lost formwork system is ideal for all load-bearing building structures. This creates a tough construction with thermal insulation and anti-noise properties, and construction is easy and fast. The best-known representative of the lost formwork building system is the Velox system, the basic element of which is a chipboard made of coniferous wood (this material makes up to 89% of the total volume of the board). Other components are cement ensuring the strength and cohesion of the boards and a solution of water glass, which stabilizes the boards against moisture and increases their resistance to mold and pests. The components are used in the construction of energy-efficient, low-energy and passive houses. The high thermal inertia of the perimeter and interior walls allows the accumulation of heat obtained by solar radiation, especially in spring and autumn. The Velox building system combines the favorable properties of wood and the strength of concrete.


Relax - fun after work

The pool is just great. Kids will love him. For adults, it may be a bit of a scarecrow for maintenance and safety, but don't worry. The pool is covered and lockable, so your little ones won't open it themselves. Thanks to the cover, the water also heats up faster, so it is not uncommon on summer days when such a pool is heated to 30 ° C. The pool has a skimmer to collect dirt from the surface and filtration technology hidden in a shaft right by the pool. If you don't have experience with a home pool yet, it will only be a matter of a few moments before you learn how to use it easily. Then you will enjoy a pleasant refreshment on hot days. And with the roof covered, it can be used for swimming until very late summer.


PS: inflatable unicorn included


Comfort - Electrically operated entrance gate and gate.

Whether you need to unload your children and make a big purchase, or you don't want to get your shoes dirty in bad weather, you will simply appreciate the connection between the garage and the remote-controlled gate and the house. And the garage can only remain a garage and does not have to become a warehouse thanks to additional storage space in the house and in the garden. A really large technical room accessible from the central corridor on the ground floor of the house and from the side exterior doors will be great for bicycles and seasonal equipment. Upstairs, the three master bedrooms have their own dressing rooms and another bedroom has access to the utility room. And it also comes in handy. A brick shed is built in the corner of the garden for garden equipment and tools. The house and its layout is simply generous and comfortable.

Interior - 6 + 1, 320m2


The house was designed and built for the needs of a family of five to provide privacy for each of its members, but mainly so that the family has enough space to spend time together. The living room with fireplace is connected to a large kitchen with dining area and a covered terrace. The study on the ground floor is also connected to it.

From the central wide corridor there is access to the technical room (warehouse), bathroom, toilet and garage. The bathroom on the ground floor is large enough to be fitted with a shower. The owners preferred the location of a washer and dryer. The toilet is separate, as in the 2nd floor. On the 2nd floor there are three master bedrooms with dressing rooms and one smaller bedroom with access to the utility room. The large bathroom with corner bath and brand new shower is centrally located. From both south-east-facing rooms there is a beautiful view of the city skyline, which stands out the most in the evening. The night lighting of the city and its historical landmarks has a captivating charm.  


Garden and terrace - 663m2

The size of the garden does not deviate from the standard of urban and suburban living. It is not too big and complicated to maintain, but it is spacious enough for children's games and a nice party with friends. The area is divided into an ornamental front garden with paved parking. On a gentle slope it then leads to the terrace. Another part of the garden is elevated and accessible by stairs from the covered terrace of the house or the side grass slope. There is an indoor swimming pool 6x3m with a depth of 120cm and a brick shelter divided into two parts. A smaller part of the shelter was intended for garden equipment and the other as another possibility of covered outdoor seating. The terrace, stairs and area around the pool are covered with a new stone carpet. The garden and pool are beautifully sunny in the southwest sun.  

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