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Kutná Hora - Hlouška district

4.800.000 CZK

U Koruny 26


Kutna Hora


It is probably not necessary to present Kutná Hora too much in terms of its history, sights and its unique beauty.


You who are local can safely skip the following lines. But if you are considering a life change in the form of moving to Kutná Hora, then the following information may come in handy.  


Kutná Hora cannot be described as a wild, vibrant and dynamic city. It wouldn't even suit her.  It is a city where life flows calmly, but it does not mean boring a priori - that is, if you do not want to be bored. What will definitely make you happy if you move from a big city is its compactness. Everything is literally at hand, by public transport or by bike. And it can be done on foot. Don't expect any morning rush hours, crowded supermarkets (there are more than enough of them by the way) or crowds in the streets. Nevertheless, they are here for you and  Your children have four large primary schools, two grammar schools and three secondary schools, an indoor swimming pool with an outdoor swimming pool, a winter stadium, several sports halls and, for example, a bobsled track. Kutná Hora is connected to the ultura through the city's Tyl Theater, the perfect Modrý Kříž cinema, where you won't have to wait for film premieres for weeks, and the absolutely amazing gallery of the Central Bohemian region GASK. During the year, many cultural events are held here, such as the famous Kutná Hora silvering or the Sedlec Fair, which is one of the largest in the Czech Republic.  

So if you already have your teeth full of rush hour traffic, clinking trams and parking zones, you want to slow down a bit, but it's not for village life yet, so here you are at the right place.


Hlouška district and Hloušecká street

Hlouška is one of the urban districts of Kutná Hora. Hloušecká Street, which is almost half a kilometer long, connects the Hlouška district with the Inner City district. It starts, or ends, at Seifertový sády and continues through the main thoroughfare of the city, Legionářů Street, which the locals call the New Road. to the city center, a few steps from Palackého náměstí, the main and largest square in Kutná Hora. Descriptive house number 121 is the second house at the beginning of it near Seifertový orchards. It is a very quiet location with absolutely perfect access to the center and the necessary infrastructure, such as shops, schools, transport... I am not afraid to say that this is one of the best addresses in Kutná Hora.







The house is built of burnt bricks placed on a stone plinth. The thickness of the walls is 65 cm at the front, the rear perimeter wall towards the garden is 60 cm and the side walls adjacent to the neighboring houses are 40 and 30 cm. The roof of the house is original and was completely treated with a protective coating in 2002 when the roof tiles were replaced. The condition of the roof structure is very good and does not require any necessary intervention, even in the event of a residential attic. The height of the ridge from the concrete floor of the ceiling is approx. 3.7m, which is why a possible build-in is feasible even without the need to raise the roof. In this way, the original beautiful character of the building can be preserved. The wooden structure of the ceilings corresponds to the time of construction. The bags are concrete in brick color. And as already mentioned, it dates from 2002. A significant visual change was the replacement of the original four narrow windows in the facade with two three-part windows.



Original and authentic

The house has been owned by the same family for generations. The house passed into inheritance and for the last two years it was conserved, unused, unheated. It was left with all the original equipment.  The long period of its non-use took its toll on the internal humidity, which became noticeable in some parts. Although the house is functional and basically livable, it certainly no longer meets the requirements of today's standards. Heating is a WAW stove and only in the kitchen. The bathroom is small, modest, with a shower. The electricity is still in aluminum design. 


The house is absolutely amazing for its potential. There is an option to expand with a residential attic, so you can get more than 150 m2 of additional living space. It has a pleasant little garden and an interesting location.




The garden is located in the courtyard of the building with access only through the house. The plot area of 88 m2 is sloped in the rear part. The fence is bricked around the entire perimeter and thus lends the garden a sufficient amount of privacy. Although it is not a large garden, its size perfectly corresponds to the house and its purpose of urban living.

Family house built in 1905

The house was designed and built in 1905. It is a typical construction of a small town house with a gable roof, when the living part was the ground floor and the attic served as storage space. The garden was located in the courtyard. 


Interior and layout 2+1

For for some it will be a positive, for others a negative, the fact that the house has had almost no layout changes during its more than a hundred years of existence. The original proposal was mostly preserved. The main changes include the creation of a bathroom in the corridor and the aforementioned replacement of narrow windows with three-part windows. Otherwise, everything retains its authentic character - the ground floor with almost three-meter high ceilings, a large spacious walk-through kitchen with a view of the garden. The corridor has entrances to the attic, to the cellar and through the veranda to the garden. The toilet is separate and its position has not changed.




The soil parameters are suitable for creating even several rooms. Its area of more than 80 m2 with sufficient height of the ridge offers wide possibilities of its use for housing. From a town house that appears relatively small at first glance, it is possible to create a sufficiently spacious living space even for a larger family. 


Virtual tour of the house



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