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Cottage on the village square

CZK 4,980,000

Paběnice č.p. 94 (district Kutná Hora)



History of Paběnice
(a little history never hurts)

historie 2.jpg

According to legend, the village is mentioned in the early Middle Ages. The chronicler Václav Hájek from Libočany states that Paběň, the brother of the founder Čáslav Čas, built the Paběnice castle on the borders of the Čáslav and Ledeč governors. However, the first written records date back to 1212. In the 14th and 15th centuries, the village became a market town, as it lay along the country's Řevnickoledečská trail, leading from Ledče to Malín. During the Hussite wars, Paběnice and the castle were burned down. After 1620, they were dedicated to the Jesuit college in Kutná Hora, and after its abolition, they were bought by the Schwarzenberg family. Paběnice is the birthplace of an important pre-war builder, Dr. Eduard Viktora, the designer of the famous road and railway bridge in Bechyně, who was also an important patron of the village. In the village, a Jesuit residence converted into flats, the alcove chapel of St. Josef with a well and a water pump from the beginning of the 19th century, at the top of which stands a sandstone statue of St. Josefa, and farmstead No. 7 with a brick gate, a timbered whitewashed cottage, which is also often called a log cabin in a fur coat.



Contemporary Paběnice
(a little present will definitely not hurt)


The village of Paběnice is located in the district of Kutná Hora in the Central Bohemian Region, about 13 km southeast of Kutná Hora and 10 km southwest of Čáslav. The village has 100 houses, of which one third are used for recreation. There are about 180 permanent residents and they commute to the surrounding towns for work. There is one general store in the village and in the building of the former school there is a municipal office, a general practitioner's office and a post office again. TJ Sokol built a large falconry and a modern football field. 

The village has complete engineering networks and its location near Čáslav and nearby resort villages (Zbýšov, Červené Janovice, Zbraslavice) is able to provide comfortable living in an almost suburban style, or a place for seasonal and year-round recreation. Whether you are a fan of active leisure time, such as cycling, mushroom picking, fishing or walking, or rather you are just looking for a quiet refuge for relaxation, then it will all go. 

When an inn becomes a cottage

The original construction of a country pub on the village square provided the owners with a really wide range of options for reconstruction and its use.  Reconstruction began in 2020 and  the owners opted for a variant of a cottage with the possibility of year-round living. Of course, the property will also serve as a spacious family house. The house had to be connected to the utility network first. Thus, gas, long-distance water supply, sewerage (pressure with its own shaft on the plot) and, of course, electricity were introduced into the house. Water from the roof was drained into the existing storm sewer. The original dug well, which is suitable for watering the garden, has been preserved. Reconstruction of the stucco facade (without insulation), its color combination, tasteful and well-suited new wooden windows with insulating double glazing, as well as French windows and entrance doors complete the very pleasant atmosphere of a country house. The front yard consists of a concrete area, which turns into a garden in the corner of the house.

historie 1.jpg

Interior 4 + 1 (so far ..?)


The interior has been transformed into about 100 m2 large and stylish 4 + 1, where the kitchen can really only be a kitchen and not just a corner in the living room. Two of the smaller rooms serve as bedrooms. There is currently a walk-through room behind the kitchen. However, its possible and probably better use would be to use it as a living room. Another pleasantly large room with a French window, located to the right of the main entrance, will provide impeccable privacy. It offers a wide range of its uses, such as a study, dormitory, studio ... The bathroom is equipped with a corner bath, shower, space and connections for washer and dryer. The toilet with bidet is separate with a passage through the bathroom.  

The entire interiors are about 95% complete. In the words of a classic, it is necessary to install sockets, switches, faucets, shower enclosures, bidets, plug in a gas boiler ... well, just work for a week. But then you will live with full comfort. The photo gallery below will definitely tell you more.  

(Property is sold without furniture and interior lights)

Potential I. - former bar, warehouses, cellar

In essence, the house can be divided into three parts due to its potential in terms of layouts. First, crucial  the residential part - it is already, as I mentioned, in a state of moving in. Another potential for transformation is the premises of the former local and then the land.

The floor plan of the locality consists primarily of the main room without partitions with large windows to the front garden (backyard), which have a floor area of about 40 m2. It is followed by spaces with ready-made preparation for the construction of toilets and bathrooms. The last in line is the technical part consisting of warehouses and cellars. Ceilings (suspended wooden structure)  in the main room they have a clear height of about 4 m and above them there are beautiful attic spaces with exposed transversely anchored massive beams. Thus, a second separate living area can be created here, separated by its own entrance, or, for example, a workshop, studio, accommodation for visitors, or an inn again.  


Půdorys - RD Paběnice v2.jpeg

Potential II. - soil


And then we have land here. In a word, it is huge (approx. 240 m2) and could easily be another separate housing unit. Its truss combines a saddle and half-hip roof and is in very good condition. It will require some partial repairs, but it certainly does not need to be completely or majority replaced. You will not need a new truss even if you decide to settle the land. Sufficient clear height of the ridge, a large gable in the façade and raised rafters in two thirds provide plenty of space for the soil even without the need to "lift" the truss. In the rear part of the attic, above the "local", massive transverse tie beams are exposed. This offers the opening of the "local" by demolishing the track visually to the truss.

As for the roofing, we will not lie to each other. It is simply at the end of its life and needs to be replaced throughout. It is probably not absolutely necessary to do it now, because it definitely does not flow into the reconstructed parts, but it must be done. On this occasion, of course, the subsequent settlement of the land is offered. She would definitely look very nice with the rafter insulation ... But it's already in the taste of the new owner.


Maybe so far there seems to be a lot of work. I do not deny that if you want to embark on this project in bulk, then you will have taken care of the program. But it is not necessary. The main thing that the owners have set for themselves is basically done. And the rest can be done gradually and without haste. Enthusiastic gardeners can already start landscaping the garden, cheerleaders can enjoy relaxation with a barbecue and outdoor seating. And those who do not sit down can go exploring the area, which certainly has something to offer. An afternoon trip to beautiful Kutná Hora by car within twenty minutes, or grilled sausage and watching a match of the local football team on the field will not be a waste. In summer, you may enjoy swimming in the nearby Zbýšov pond or fishing on Jakub Vágner's Katlovsky Lake.



Land 1075 m2 (including buildings)

The usable garden area without the front yard is about 360 m2. The land consists of about half of a rocky slope. Its second part is flat  gardens. The rock behind the house has its own special charm and thus makes the house pleasantly hidden. He has the opportunity to operate very privately. Due to its location, the garden will be beautifully sunny from later sunrise until early sunset.  

Another project - rear extension

So, and to make the list of possibilities really complete, behind the house is the original extension of the former butcher with the original "coolers". However, this part is in a very poor technical condition, so its rescue, although not impossible, will probably lose its meaning. If it were removed, only two warehouses connected to the slope, accessible from the original "local", would remain behind the house. They have brick ceilings and a cellar entrance. Their preservation certainly makes sense. They could also be accessed from the back of the yard, creating storage spaces for garden tools, for example ...


If you have read this far, then perhaps I have managed to show you, at least from my point of view, the range of possibilities of this beautiful building and the place where it is located. I hope you come up with a lot of other great ideas to breathe new life into him.

Virtual tour

Walk through the house from the comfort of your home 


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