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Prague -Karlín district


Jirsíkova  540/4

23,500,000 CZK

double bedroom flat on 112m2


Prague - Karlín


Prague Karlín, neglected for decades and not very attractive location,in the course of the last twenty years, it has turned into not only a Prague phenomenon, but also a world phenomenon. TimeOut magazine ranked Křižíkova Street as the eleventh most "COOL" street in the world. And it was rivaled by streets from metropolises such as Melbourne, London, Berlin or even Los Angeles. If you would like to live stylishly and very comfortably in this iconic Prague district, I would like to offer you a completely unique apartment in Jirsíková Street, which is just a few steps from everything Karlín has to offer. 


Double bedroom on 112m2

In an apartment building in the style of Prague Modernism, this apartment, with its layout, design and useful solutions, is an example of modern living with the tradition of the First Republic style. Here, the good things from the past are intermingled with current trends so that they do not interfere with each other. Everything looks completely natural and harmonious.  A large entrance hallway, double-winged glass doors to the living area and a hallway leading to the bedrooms beautifully separate the quiet area from the social areasit's a waste of time. The dominant features are the beautiful oiled large-format parquet floors that run through all the living rooms, the unified shade of the built-in furniture matching the rest of the interior furniture and the lighting or design of the tiling and sanitary ware. All windows are new and are equipped with insulating double glazing and electrically controlled internal blinds. Their execution strictly adhered to the original appearance and format, and thanks to this they crown the overall feeling of every space of the apartment. The main design language here was minimalism and inconspicuousness.


Living room & kitchen

In the kitchen area, all appliances are hidden in built-in cupboards, or in the space of a freely placed kitchen counter. The kitchen is equipped with a dishwasher, a combined refrigerator, a steam and microwave oven and an Elektrolux hob. A kitchen designed in this way perfectly eliminates the disadvantages of a common kitchen with a living area. The view from the living room to the kitchen is therefore not obstructed by any visible appliances, shelves, etc.

The living room can be closed off and separated from the central corridor with large double doors. The space is dominated by two bay windows, more than three meter high ceilings and an oak parquet floor. 




Bedroom II.

The second of the bedrooms, slightly smaller, with an area of about 15.5 m2, is located in the rear section of the house and, unlike the previous bedroom, there are two windows. One small one is located on the side of the head of the bed and the main large one is directly opposite the entrance door. There is also a large built-in wardrobe in this bedroom with really generously sized storage space. In terms of design, the same applies here as in the first bedroom.




The original heating with a gas boiler with radiators was replaced by an electric underfloor heating system. Heating elements that would take up space and unnecessarily disturb the lightness and "cleanliness" of the apartment disappeared from the interior.  This resulted in a very user-friendly way of heating. Thus, all worries associated with the maintenance of gas equipment and hot water heating system are eliminated. Instead, there is a completely noiseless and maintenance-free solution with comfortable temperature regulation in each of the rooms. And of course, the pleasant feeling of walking on a warm wooden floor cannot be neglected. The apartment has a very pleasant climate all year round, but to be safe, the owners have made preparations for possible air conditioning during the reconstruction. For those who appreciate it, its installation is thus facilitated. 




The great layout of the apartment provides complete privacy and peace in two bedrooms with windows facing the spacious courtyard, as well as the charm of a shared living space with a design-minimalist kitchen and living room for moments spent together. 

Půdorys - byt Jirsíkova Praha-Karlín.jpg


Bedroom I.

The bedroom of less than seventeen square meters with a built-in wardrobe and a niche suitable for a work or dressing table is abundantly lit by a tall table window equipped with internal, electrically controlled blinds. The room is very airy and elegant. It is the same design language that is used for the entire apartment.  




Bathroom and toilet

The owners wanted the bathroom to be both practical and a place to relax after a hard day. That is why there is a trapezoid-shaped shower and bathtub. The bathroom has a ventilation window to the skylight, and due to this, it was not necessary to install forced moisture extraction ventilation. Thanks to a separate utility room with space for a washing machine and dryer and another separate toilet, you will not be disturbed by a washing machine spinning, a family member demanding the toilet or a fan humming through the window for ventilation while relaxing in the hot tub. You will be able to enjoy the moment completely undisturbed. The design again matches the concept of the apartment. Of course, a comfortable and beautiful double sink cannot be missing. 




They simply live in the apartment. Design should not be at the expense of comfort and practicality, but should keep them in mind. The utility room in the apartment is by no means large enough to provide space to store everything. From this there is a cellar bunk and large built-in wardrobes. However, it can fit what we often use - a washing machine, a dryer, a source of hot water heating (electric boiler 200 liters) and a place for a basket for dirty laundry. There is also a ventilation window for moisture removal.

K bytu lze i převzít pronájem garáže ve vnitrobloku domu.
Její měsíční nájemné činí 1025.-Kč

This apartment is an example of practicality, elegance, comfort and a dose of luxury at a great address

The apartment is currently a cooperative and it is a sale of the cooperative share 1120/20348 in the common parts of the property. Part of the share of 112 m2 is also a cellar bunk. The unpaid annuity amounts to approximately CZK 500,000 and is repaid monthly in the amount of CZK 4,814. The total monthly payment for this apartment is CZK 7,220.

If you were attracted by the idea of living in this stylish Prague district and would like to live here in style, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Virtual tour of the flat



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