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Flat 3 + 1 - Prague Zahradní město  
price 5.998.000.-CZK


The garden city is not just a housing estate

During the First Republic, the garden town was a well-known term for neighborhoods of family houses with gardens. It was based on the English concept of anchor (terraced) houses. The first realization of this type of development in Prague became residential area on Hradčany bastions even before the First World War. A truly unprecedented development occurred after the establishment of an independent Czechoslovakia, followed by Ořechovka, Hanspaulka, Spořilov and many others. At the end of the 1930s, the whole town was closed by the Garden City with a large "Z", which even gave this type of development its name. source:

Apartment in Mečíkova street

It is a residential unit in its original condition on the fifth floor of an insulated and very well maintained panel house - plastic windows and doors, a new elevator ... (pinches) Jetelová street.

The original layout of the apartment is very successful. There is only a small change in the form of blocking the bathroom, otherwise it can be completely preserved. Given that this is the original Umakart core of the entire interior, this possible change of layout would be very feasible. The whole space can be easily opened. The area of the apartment is 68 m2 in a classic layout of 3 + 1, where the bathroom, toilet and storage room are located in the middle of the space. They are surrounded on one side by two bedrooms and on the other by a full kitchen with dining and living room. The current concept of the apartment offers practical use of all spaces, including built-in cabinets in the entrance hall in the shape of the letter T. Directly opposite the entrance door to the apartment in the main hall is a chamber with an area of about 1m 2 and complements an interesting amount of storage space.The basement of the house has a common carriage house.


Garden city

In the 1960s and 1970s, new housing estates were built on both sides of the residential Zahradní Město, the Zahradní Město-východ housing estate, the natural center of which was the surrounding area.  department store target  (1969), today the stop Zahradní Město, with the round building of the Vesna restaurant and cultural center (1969) and the Zahradní Město-západ housing estate, the center of which was  department store Flower  (1976) with police service and polyclinic (1973). The most important construction was the construction of the Břečťanová school (part of 1966 and the rest completed in 1967) and the construction of a home for the elderly (1969). Tower No. 2929/30 (January 25, 1968) in Jabloňová Street near Květ and the polyclinic was originally an administrative building  Czechoslovak television . He played an important role in  1968 , when after  invasion of Warsaw Pact troops  It was from this house that Czechoslovak television broadcast illegally. 


House no. 2854/4

The eight-storey panel house in Mečíková Street is maintained, insulated and in very good condition. The whole house has plastic windows, plastic entrance doors tocommon areas, a clean and modern elevator. The house is monitored by security cameras with recording.

Apartment No. 15

The apartment is located on the 6th floor or fifth floor. The windows face north and south.  

Both bedrooms are oriented to the south, the kitchen with the living room then to the north towards the courtyard with extensive greenery. The apartment has a good view and the surrounding noise is pleasantly muffled. The layout, although the original from the 70s of the twentieth century is very well arranged and completely perfect for the character of a 3 + 1 apartment. Thanks to the original condition and thus the complete Umakart core, there is, of course, a fundamental change of layout, even for 4 + kk.

Půdorys - byt Praha Záběhlice.jpg


The apartment is sold partially furnished. However, the storage spaces are largely vacated and the apartment is not overcrowded with personal belongings of the original owner. 

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