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Jan Česal
real estate broker

You are probably on my website from the recommendations of your acquaintances or loved ones. Nevertheless, you need to know more about me before you can cooperate. So let me introduce myself.

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When passion becomes work

I like real estate. I like architecture, design, real estate stories that are connected to them. I have always been attracted to this area and it was only a matter of time before the real estate area engulfed me so that it became not only a hobby, but also a job and a career.

To learn trading and gain knowledge in real estate law, I subordinated everything. And I hope you know it in my work.

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"I follow a simple rule that permeates the whole work:

in any situation, I prefer the client's interest to my own or the office's.

I have found that success and money with the rule will come. "


A simple rule

Who I am

I work for the company ŠMÍD & PARTNERS, whose approach to clients and the direction in which the level of services is moving is close to me.

More about me and the company -

More about the company


How I work

Take a look at the way I work, what is important to me, what the process of cooperation is and what you can expect from me


View current orders or work that has already been completed 

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